WiserGo is a marketplace for customized travel packages. We connect busy high-intent travelers with travel experts worldwide and facilitate interaction and transactions between them from planning, through booking, and customer service at the destination. Travelers don't worry with bookings, save time, and get a perfectly fit travel experience. Travel experts get high-quality leads, increase inbound sales, and resell inventory at a low marginal cost. Unlike our competitors we're an open marketplace, and use the perfect balance of human-driven processes and proprietary technology (Itinerary DesignerTM) to design unique travel experiences. We incubated at the Founder Institute in Silicon Valley.

Simple mechanics:

  1. Traveler submits a trip request
  2. Local travel experts submit travel packages to fulfill that request
  3. Traveler interacts with each expert individually and customizes the packages using our Itinerary Designer™
  4. After iteration traveler selects one of the travel packages
  5. Travel expert selected books the entire package and
  6. provides local concierge service during the trip
It is a description of the trip that a traveler is looking for. We ask the travelers to submit as much detail as possible, including dates, budget, services needed, type of experience they are looking for and things they like to do and see.
It is a travel package that is designed to fulfill a trip request. It should include the services the traveler is looking for, and an itinerary that is designed using our Itinerary DesignTM tool.
We have a list of pre-requisites that travel experts have to comply with in order to be certified. The list includes things like: are they member of a travel organization”; do they have financial guarantees; do they have “business insurance”, etc. Contact us if you want to get certified or for more details on the list.
Don't worry. There are multiple places in our site where you can find the link “Forgot my password”. From there, all you need is to remember the email you registered as a username. If you can't remember that one, then you can email our support team and we'll reset everything for you.


Go to your “My Trips” tab. In the table with all your trip requests, click on “View” in the “WiserGo Room” column.
There's no limit on the number of trips you can request at the same time, but we ask you to be mindful of our experts' time. They are here to design the perfect travel experience with you, for you. Opening too many requests for the same trip means you'll be wasting their time, and hurt your experience because it is hard to keep track of all the options. See FAQ about number of proposals.
We are currently allowing each traveler to see 3 trip proposals side-by-side. We do this to avoid the “paradigm of choice” (too many options tend to confuse the chooser rather than help). At any time, you can reject a proposal and if there's another one on the waiting list, you will be served a new proposal.
Around 24hr for the first proposal, but this will vary from request to request and from region to region. Sometimes time differences, and local holidays may lead to slightly longer periods.
We strive to screen all the experts that can use our service. Additionally, we have a “Certified Expert” program, which experts can go through. In this program we check a list of pre-requisites to confirm that the expert is credible and can be trusted. This said, we advise all travelers to reject proposals they deem untrustworthy and report those to us so we can do our due diligence.
Our platform has built-in an internal communications feature. You can safely and privately communicate with each expert individually. This is coupled with email alerts so that you get alerted every time you get messages on the site, new proposals or edits to existing proposals.
We are still building up all our features. In the first version of our site we are only making the introduction between traveler and travel experts. We are not charging either party for this service. You will work with the travel experts to get your booking documents and pay them. We advise that both parties be reasonable and agree on a payment and document exchange timeline that's fair for both. Our experience shows that this will depend from service to service.
Our experts know the ins and outs of their regions. There's no one better than them to help you discover new and exciting places and experiences. When you submit your trip request use the “notes” field to give them an idea of your tastes in general, and they will craft an experience you will remember forever.
YES! We believe that any traveler has the right to be WOW'd. When you submit a trip request, you can let our experts know about your budget and they will find the experiences that fit your budget. It will still be an amazing experience. Trust us.
Go to your “My Trips” tab. In the table with all your trip requests, click on “View” in the “WiserGo Room” column.


You can only submit one proposal per trip request. However, you can try fulfilling as many trip requests as you want being mindful that WiserGo travelers are looking for experiences that are crafted to their tastes and needs. Having time to prepare proposals is very important.
No. Your work of love is meant for the traveler you're working with. No one else will be able to see your proposal. We are continuously monitoring for copyright issues. Please report to us any situation where you think your work is being misused.
We are just the marketplace. We offer the space and the stands. You are the seller. You set the price. We will not charge you to use our service. If you want to share that benefit with the travelers you work with that's awesome. It's a form “paying it forward”.
Until we have our payments system implemented, you will work directly with the traveler. We recommend you structure your payments process in a way that's safe for the traveler, but also that assures you get paid. As soon as our payments system is in place, we will have an escrow system in which we will receive the money from the traveler in advance and transfer it to your account at the time you share with the traveler all the booking codes and documents.
Thanks for asking, that's one of our coolest features! We created the “Itinerary DesignerTM” to help travel experts design perfect travel experiences in collaboration with the travelers. You can add and remove days to an itinerary; drag and drop activities from your inventory (or create new ones); reuse previous itineraries, etc etc. You have to see it to believe it!
Our platform has built-in an internal communications feature. You can safely and privately communicate with each traveler individually. This is coupled with email alerts so that you get alerted every time you get messages on the site, new trip requests or edits to existing requests.
Currently all WiserGo accounts are individual accounts. We are working to release corporate accounts soon.
When you submit a proposal, if the sponsored placement is still available, you can hit “sponsor room” from your “My Proposals” tab. If you sponsor a room, your proposal will get a special placement that makes sure it is more visible for the traveler.