WiserGo is a marketplace for customized travel packages. Packages can include any combination of: flights, hotels; rentals; tours; etc. We connect travelers with travel experts worldwide and facilitate interaction and transactions between them from planning, through booking, and customer service at the destination.


Planning the right travel experience without insight from someone that knows the destination seems like a jump in the dark. Sure you know people that have been there, but do you really share the same taste?... or you can use those recommendations from that travel guide you bought, but how much of that is outdated info or even placed advertising? We think there's a wiser way to plan your trips. That's why we designed the tools to let you interact with multiple certified experts simultaneously to design the perfect experience, that fits your needs, likes and budget.


These are busy days so we want to help you use your time wisely. Our experts deal with the cumbersome process of booking everything so you don't have to (unless you want to!) No more navigating through hidden fees, crazy flight schedules, and booked out hotels. Just plan your trip with our experts, and we'll take care of everything that's needed to get you going.


Experiencing new regions to their fullest, often requires understanding local customs, cultures, language… who better than a local expert to guide you through the potential maze of cultural implications and avoid awkward situations? Our experts are there for you on the ground. With our service, you get a local phone number you can use if you need help during your trip, from re-scheduling something, to help you change a flat on the highway.

No Rocket Science. Just people helping people discover their regions:

text1 A traveler submits a trip request.

text2 Local travel experts submit travel packages to fulfill that request.

text3 Traveler interacts with each expert individually and customizes the packages using our Itinerary Designer™.

text4 After iteration, traveler selects one of the travel packages.

text5 The travel expert who gets selected books the entire package.

text6 Provides local concierge service during the trip.

Wiser travelers

Can get many benefits from using our service:

visto Free service

visto Save time and trouble

visto Access to local expertise

visto Access multiple experts simultaneously

visto More diversity of offers, easily comparable

visto Full package customization

visto Eliminate booking anxiety

visto Possibly save money

visto Different trips, same level of service

visto Local concierge while traveling

visto The right agent for each trip

visto Centralized communication

visto Guaranteed availability (if the expert quotes it, it is available)

visto No price discrepancies (no hidden fees)

visto Quality guaranteed by ratings and certifications of travel experts

Wiser traveler experts

Can also get many benefits from being part of our expert community:

visto Free service

visto Expand and diversify list of clients

visto Acquire clients at very low cost (time investment only)

visto Resell at low marginal cost

visto Increase inbound sales

visto Centralized communication

visto Good use for downtime

visto Manage inventory efficiently

visto Targeted advertising


Online booking is broken. Finding the right flight, hotel, tours, takes dozens of hours online, going through dozens of websites, and booking everything is no less than a dreadful experience. It doesn't have to be this way.

The sad reality is that for an industry that's about emotions and experiences, the travel industry seems to have lost focus of what travelers are looking for. Our goal is to bring back the human side of travel, without becoming yet another travel agency. We will prove that with the right balance of tools and human expert intervention we can create a global, scalable service that will be core to the travel experience.

In the mid to late 90s, Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, became all the rage. People could finally bypass the travel agents and take care of travel planning and booking themselves. More recently the exponential growth of travel content sites, and the closer connection between friends and social networks, both should be helping travelers too. Despite all this, travelers don't seem to be getting a better experience. In 2010, 28% of people that booked their trips online told Forrester Research they rather do it with a travel agent if they could find one… and there may be a trend here: this number was 23% in 2008.

WiserGo is intended on helping the industry refocus on what matters the most for travelers.


We are

World travelers working to create better travel experiences for others.
Technologists who believe technology can help humans provide better travel services. Not replace them.

We have

been there (started and sold companies…)
done that (created award winning travel sites…)
… and now we want to do it all over again!

We will

Bring back the human side of traveling.
As world travelers, we recognize the value of local experts.
As technologists, we know that the travel industry can do better.
So we promise you: we will do our best to create a safe and efficient way for you to discover new regions and build strong memorable travel experiences.

Join us in this journey!